DSC 0820 Vitaby
Overlooking the Baltic sea and those endless sandy beaches with wonderful countryside and national parks, Vitaby is just on the right spot for any wanderer about Österlen. MORE
behind the counter Vitaby Lanthandel
The tradition of Lanthandel or General Village Store in Österlen goes to the middle 19th century, and like the one in Vitaby, most of them were build with the arrival of railways. The idea was to make it easier to sell and shop local food products, but also other things for a household, without a need to travel to the city. MORE
moreruins Vallabacken ruins near Vitaby
At Grevlunda, near Vitaby, there is a circular construction of Vallabacken, a fortress from the early Middle Ages. The remaining ruins are a part of a foundation wall, that originally was covered by gravel. According to archeologists, on top of it there was a ring-wall, a courtyard, and a  stone house. MORE
DSC 0826 Vitaby Gatukök
Gatuköks are often to be find near the crossroads of Österlen, as places where hungry travellers can have a break and a warm meal. One of the most popular Gatukoks in Österlen is the one in Vitaby. MORE