smiss Smedstorp
Smedstorp lays right in the middle of Österlen. From here, every destination in the region is a short distance away. Smedstorp is bursting with activities. There are lots of interesting shops, artists and galleries, gardens and restaurants. Natural parks and archeological sites all around the village. MORE
peoochhero PeO Eriksson
Love for camera and painting mixed with a strong passion for speed and racing marked Per-Otto Eriksson´s approach to life.  In the early 60´s, PeO was making awarded experimental movies. Few years later he got a job as the assistant cameraman at Sandrew film company in Stockholm. At  that same time, PeO was also a pilot in ever more popular sport car racing. MORE
ducan4 Little Orient in the Heart of Österlen
Ornamental doors and pillars from India, Chinese jars, Burmese lacquerware, kimonos from Japan, furniture, textiles, bronzes, art and a myriad of other items from the Far East. No need to travel looking for it, though, all of this you can find here, in the very heart of Österlen. A visit to Elisabet Carlberg`s showroom in Smedstorp is, in fact, like visiting a rich oriental museum. MORE

couple Smedjan Café & Logi

Enjoy a gourmet meal at the family managed Smedjan cafe & logi in the old smithy in East Ingelstad in Österlen. The place is newly renovated and in the style that preserves the warmness and coziness of Österlen countryside. Smedjan is Open Thursday to Sunday, all year round! MORE

motorute Motor and antique shop Norrvalla

Norrvalla in Smedstorp is a workshop of retro motorcycles and much more retro stuff. Among the motorcycles, sidecar from Russian Ural and retrostyle motorcycles from Indian Royal Enfield.  Norrvalla is also a shop of retro interior and antiques. They blend design classics with industry, patina and shine. Modern and old antiques, unique things with equally unique stories. MORE
banak0 Leif´s shop of nostalgy in Smedstorp

Leif Handlare or Leif´s shop is a Smedstorps own general store, one of the few remaining on Österlen.  It is owned and runned by the Andersson family, now for four generations, and in the same old style, the one that a good  village store should be runned. MORE

francatthetable Franco Paglialunga 

I work with iron, concrete and wood. I use some new material but mostly old with a history and another former function. My products are not stiff exhibition items. They should convey the desire to be used, relevant and not give a sterile storefronts feeling. The inspiration I have from my "Tuscany" childhood images that meld into the Österlenian light and colors. MORE
splendid1 Gyllengården in Smedstorp
If you are just looking to relax and get a real rest during your holidays,  there is no better place than Gyllengarden. An old farm turned into a nice b&b, gallery, cafe and boutique, all in one. Settled in Smedstorp, precisely in the middle of Österlen, Gyllengården is in the heart of the region and anything that happens in Österlen is reachable in minutes. MORE

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