tranas1 towns&villages: Skåne -Tranås

Skåne - Tranås has been inhabited since 700's DC. Early in the medieval times, Tranås became an important crossroad and the meeting place. MORE  

Madame Blå is a café and french bistro settled in a charming old house just a few steps from   Skåne - Tranås town square. MORE
In the very centre of Skåne - Tranås we found Längornaa particulary interesting mode and fashion shop for ladies. MORE
Another interesting shopping discovery in Skåne-Tranås. Garboskaminer is all about fire places and everything else that makes them cozy. MORE.
In the ancient forest near Skåne - Tranås, surrounded by parks and moats, stands Kronovall, one of the most beautiful castles of Österlen. MORE 

Near to Skåne - Tranäs there is Onslunda, known as a brush production town, and today, we went to visit the Borstmuseum or The Brush Museum in Onslunda. MORE
Well, we found a real gastronomic pearl in Österlen.  A visit to a unique "Österlenchoklad fabrik" in Skåne-Tranås, to try some real chocholate from a some real cacao beanMORE  
Växkraft or Rosenhagen at Skåne - Tranås is a garden center and a plant nursery, just  ´a place` for any kind of gardener. MORE