strand2 Kivik
Kivik is the heart of apple producing in Österlen. Once a year, in September, there is a famous Apple Market. Kivik is surrounded by orchards and gardens, the Baltic sea, and the most beautiful sandy beaches.  MORE
druga Starhouse in Kivik
A special day at Stjärnhuset in Kivik. A transit of Mercury accros the sun, and everybody was welcome to witness this rare astronomical event with a help of many good advices and equipment. MORE
panel Apple Market in Kivik
Thousands of visitors and tons of apples this year on the opening of Apple Market, or famous "Äpplemarknad" in Kivik. This festival of apple is one of the biggest events in Österlen. MORE
arb Esperöd Arboretum
Once forgotten, Kivik´s Arboretum shines today in its beauty and natural richness.There are trees from all over the world, many species with different variations, and they all seem to have it really nice. MORE
kiviksgrav King´s Grave
For few thousand of years, this place was a mystery for local people. In 1748, two farmers discovered an ancient stone grave. It turned out to be one of the most important archeology findings in Sweden. MORE
stens Stenshuvud National Park
Stenshuvud is a national park spreading on 390 hectares. An ancient forest with a stone mountain,  just a mile south from Kivik. According to legend, the mountain got its name from the stone giant. MORE
bo2 Bo Hultén´s Art of Nature
"Soon after I bought Esperöd property, I found out that the impenetrable forest on it contained a highly interesting collection of trees. It has become my passion and inspired me to my long study of nature." MORE
marcus Cake Cowboy - A Little Kingdom of Chocolate
Cake Cowboy is a pastry and chocolate saloon we found in Kivik, driven by internationally acknowledged chef, Markus Lundquist. MORE
158 Killegården
Killegården, located centrally in Kivik is a four-winged old farm dating back to the 1850s, turned into a cozy Bed & Breakfast. MORE

Esperods Herrgard or Esperöd Manor is settled on the slopes of national park Stenshuvud. and overlooking  Kivik with long sandy beaches. MORE 

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