port2 Kåseberga
Already in medieval times, charming and picturesque Kåseberga was an important fisherman village. Surrounded by nature and sandy beaches, Kåseberga is a real experience for a visitor. Birdwatching, surfing, paragliding and, of course, fishing are the most popular sports. In the outskirts of Kåseberga lays one of the most famous archeological sites of Scandinavia, Ales Stenar. MORE
Ales 1  Ales Stenar at Kåseberga
There is something fascinating when a visitor finally reaches the site of Ales Stenar. It is not only the mysterious stone monument but also where it was raised. When you climb this open hill looking at the open sea, it becomes one of the most beautiful scenes ever. We do not know who the ancient creators of Ales Stenar were, but they surely knew how to find a perfect place for it. MORE
linn tandem kaseberga SkyAdventures in Kåseberga
Join the pioneers in paragliding sport and fly freely over magical Ales Stenar! Kåseberga long ago became a "mecca" for paragliders and it is annually visited by many pilots from all over the world. In the center of the village is headquarters of SkyAdventures with their nice shop open year round. MORE
bank1 Argilla´s Pottery Shop in Kåseberga´s port
Argilla is the ancient latin word for clay, which is a basic material for an ancient craft, pottery. More than five thousand years pottery is in use on the shores of Österlen. The tradition continues, thanks also to  "Argilla" , pottery developed by Hägg family, Madeleine and Anders. This year Argilla celebrates 40 years. MORE
bank Kåsessons Café and General Store
In 1930 built  Per and Magnhild Åkesson a charming house in the heart of Kåseberga. They ran the village shop here, but the bad times in the 30's forced them to sell the house. Recently, the house was completely abandoned. At the end of the year 2014, their granddaughter Maria Åkesson had the opportunity to buy the house back and continue where her ancestors had to stop.  MORE
16129217 origpic fe3cc1.jpg 0 0 100 100 289 289 85 Charlotta Unger
Right along the coastal road between Kåseberga and Sandhammar beach, in the middle of nature, lays Charlotta Unger´s art studio and farm shop. Charlotta creates items of everyday use from ceramics to the skin.  And all with a great touch of creativity and playfulness.  This summer Charlotta Unger exhibits also in Kåseberga, at  Gallery K. MORE 
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