1 Gärsnas
In 1880 there were only two houses and a small farm. In 1882, Simrishamn - Tomelilla railway was opened. Since then, Gärsnas developed in so many ways.
Gärsnas is just a few miles away from the coast of Österlen and sandy beaches. The main road and trains are connecting Gärsnas with all the places in Österlen. 

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Haven in Gärsnas is a garden, shop, café and a gallery of about 5000 square meters.Haven consists of different spaces with different characters, exhibitions, various events and projects during the year. MORE
3 shopping / Lundins Lada

Loppis is the popular name in Sweden for a flee-market or a second-hand shop. And if you like loppis, Lundins Lada is the must! MORE

Café & Galleri Blå,  settled in an old farm in Gärsnas, carefully preserved in its original shape with beamed ceilings and wooden floors. It is known for its exhibitions of many established artists, but also for the famous "eggakaka", the popular Scåne version of ham and eggs. MORE

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