Krogrygg towns & villages / Brösarp
Brösarp is surrounded by more than 3000 hectares of natural parks. Rolling hills, deep forests, open moorland, bubbling springs and waterfalls, and all just a few kilometers from Österlens sandy beaches. MORE 

provence nature / Amazing Nature of Brösarp
 Within a mile radius around Brösarp, there are eight nature reserves, each with unique environments and landscapes. No wonder this little town attracts so many nature-lovers. MORE
DSC 0813 gastronomy / Brösarps Gästgifveri
One of the most famous guesthouses in Österlen is certainly the Brösarps Gästgifveri. It conserved its traditional look from the 19th century, and since then never ceased to receive guests on daily bases. MORE 

sports / Brösarp Sports, All Year Round! Paulina Grassl Foto Emilia Olofsson
If you are a sports fan Brösarp is perfect for you, no matter the season! Brösarp just bursts in recreational activities, and it is very difficult to name all that you can do here, when it comes to sports. MORE
three accommodation / Trollebo - björshus

Settled in the forest and just on the border of two nature reservates,Trollebo - björshus is perfect for those that want to spend some days in the middle of nature. MORE

five gastronomy / Österlens Kött & Vilt
The name simply means "Meat and Wild of Österlen", and that is what you can find in this modern charchuterie. A special thing anyone should try: sausages of local wild boar. Just fenomenal! MORE

nature / Haväng

Haväng is an amazing nature reserve that stretches east of Brosärp to the Baltic sea and beautiful sandy beaches on the eastern coast of Österlen. It is an area that circles and follows the last parts of Verkåen river in its voyage to the sea. MORE