church Borrby
People in Borrby like to say that they live in the heart of Österlen. In many ways, it is true. While only four kilometres to the long white-sand beaches, Borrby is near to all the charming Österlen´s countryside. And in case you happen to be a book lover, Borrby is just perfect!  MORE

  books Borrby - the Book Town
Some say that a book is the best companion. For lovers of books, new or old,  Borrby is a special place. This small town has so many book shops so is due to earn a title of a Book Town. MORE
751f621b554315baf3209e7bee087f75 Torbjörn Larsson
Artistic photography is just too much of a narrow frame for Torbjörn Larsson. His unquestionable sense for aesthetics, light and composition is just a tease, a sort of "warm-up" sequence... soon enough, we realize that there is a story behind every and each of them...MORE
katrinegarden Catrinegården

A renovated farm that now is a B&B, a shop of local products, and a café, just outside Borrby. Only a few miles from the beach, and everything in Österlen is also very near. web / map

house4 Vadenhög
Vadenhög in Sandby, near Borrby, is a farm turned into a B&B, café, gallery, garden and a shop. It is settled in the countryside, but only 2km from the sea and Österlen´s finest and longest beach. MORE
Hammock shop in Borrby shopwall2

Looking for hammocks or hanging chairs for your camping pleasures? In Borrby there is a "Hängmattor" shop, where you can find a nice choice of good quality products handmade in Colombia. MORE

anfas Borregården in Borrby
In a beautiful and secluded location near Borrby, renovated old farm in the middle of fields, trees and it´s own garden, Borregården is a perfect place for your relaxing holidays. MORE
gardencafe Blå Huset i Borrby
Blå Huset or Blue House in Borrby is a B&B, café, garden and shop, and all of it in retro style! Blå Huset is settled right in the center of Borrby, close to miles of sandy beaches and everything else in Österlen. MORE
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