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Sjöbo is a great town to visit around Christmas, with its many shops, galleries and an exceptional gastronomy offer. There are many events and activities in Sjöbo during this period. Here we bring some suggestions of what to do in Sjöbo these days. 


Sjöbo Gästgifveri

Is one of the oldest guest houses or inn´s in Sweden, and it is one of the most spectacular ones. Book a popular julbord and experience the best tradition.    map / web

Searching for some original Christmass presents we found Nixi´sa fine workshop at the very center of Sjöbo. Handmade and unique textile products of fine quality. map / web

wachner2 Hans Wachner Sjöbo

Photographer Hans Wachner is exhibiting at his atelier in Sjöbo. Settled just on the main street. web / map  


The Windmill

While in Sjöbo, don´t forget to check on the old windmill, the landmark of the town.  


Vingårdens Café & Bistro

Another popular bistro in Sjöbo, with a wood stove and many original recipes. We recommend booking, especially during the holiday season. web / map 

tuna Tuna Busland / Sjöbo /playground
Want to share some Christmass fun with your kids? Tuna Busland in Sjöbo is an indoor children playground. A lot of entertaining activities for every age, and a "learn to use" Segway hall. web  /  map

Haraldssons Auktion 

Auction hall at Haraldssons in Sjöbo is fun to visit, and who knows, maybe find a nice and original Christmass present. Auctions every week. Haraldssons has a very nice webshop too!  mapweb


Restaurang&Pub Gondolen

A very popular restaurant on the Sjöbo main street, with a huge choice of dishes and the hottest pizza you will ever try in Sweden!  map web

follow us while we bring more suggestions from Sjöbo

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