first shopping / Stjärnhuset in Kivik
 photo & text: 
A special day at Stjärnhuset in Kivik. A transit of Mercury accros the sun, and everybody was welcome to witness this rare astronomical event with a help of many good advices and equipment.
Stjärnhuset (A House of Stars) is a family driven shop of binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes, telescopes, astronomy and birding acessories. Inside the shop we find a huge choice for all those interested in bird watching, nature observation on land and at sea, and, of course astronomy. 
Our host, Robert J. Dalby is helping us with a camera adapter, so we can try to make some photos.
Proudly, we get our own photo on Mercury, a little black dot on the bottom of the sun.
the sun
On this other photo we couldn´t find Mercury, but there are few visible and nice Sun flames.
As a passionate optician and astronomer, Robert has it´s own AstronomyAndNatureTV Youtube channel, with lots of tips on astronomy and nature observing topics. 
Maybe the best presentation of Stjärnhuset comes from his own words: "We will help you with not only the equipment but also with tips and advice - we have extensive experience and vast knowledge of all kinds of optical instruments, and we have not forgotten how it feels to be a beginner".
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