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For those who prefer to cook at home, Österlen offers many different shops. From world food to local delicacies, there is just to choose. Here we reccomend some shops for your grocery shopping.

butik utsida shopping&groceries / Handlar´n
At Handlar´n in Glemmingebro you can do your groceries in the "old" style, with personal touch and fine retro look. MORE 

shopping&groceries / Leif Handlare
Leif Handlare or Leif´s shop is a retro-style general store and a grocery shop in Smedstorp. Owned and managed by the Andersson family, now for four generations. MORE

kunder shopping&groceries / Smakbruket
Smakbruket wants to spread the word about food quality and food culture in Sweden. Quality means the kind of production with respect for nature.MORE 

3 shopping&groceries  / Uncle Salah

For all those who likes the world food and to taste something different, we recommend Uncle Salah grocery shop in Tomelilla. MORE

shop1 shopping&groceriesÖsterlenkryddor 
Österlenkryddor is a family farm managed in the tradition of kitchen-gardens of Österlen. Thyme, Sage, Oregano, Mints, Lavender, Savory, Lovage, Rosemary...and much MORE  

seeds shopping&groceries / Gunnarshögs Gård 
Gunnarshögs Gård, is the kingdom of rape-seed oil and a good example of how a choice of healthy production can support sustainable development, even on a bigger scale. MORE

pipireimans shopping&groceries / Reimans Bröd
The best way to try the traditional taste of Österlen´s bread and cakes is to visit the Reimans Bröd or Reimans Bread in Tomelilla. MORE 

Petersborgs7 shopping&groceries / Petersborgs Mustard
There is an old tradition in mustard production around Österlen, and many agree that the one from Petersborgs Gård is the best. MORE

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