Österlen Artists&Galleries

Österlen is famous as an artistic region and there are just so many galleries and summer exhibitions worth of visiting. Here we bring some suggestions.

Konstrundan 2019 konstrundan2019

It is Easter, and time for Konstrundan, the oldest and the most popular "Art Tour" of Sweden. From Friday the 19th of April, there is the 52nd version of Konstrundan with not less than 100 renowned artists exhibiting all around Österlen! MORE

751f621b554315baf3209e7bee087f75 Konstrundan Artists / Torbjörn Larsson
Artistic photography is just too much of a narrow frame for Torbjörn Larsson. His unquestionable sense for aesthetics, light, and composition is just a tease, a sort of "warm-up" sequence for what we are really about to receive by observing his photos. Soon enough, we realize that there is a story behind every and each of them...MORE 

peoochhero Konstrundan Artists / PeO Eriksson
Love for camera and painting mixed with a strong passion for speed and racing marks Per-Otto Eriksson´s approach to life. In the early '60s, PeO was making awarded experimental movies. A few years later he got a job as the assistant cameraman at Sandrew film company in Stockholm. At that same time, PeO started as a racing pilot, participating with passion in ever more popular sport. MORE  

bo2 Konstrundan artists / Bo Hultén
The year after I bought Esperöd property, I got informed by Tor Nitzelius from Gothenburg Botanical Garden that the impenetrable forest on our property contained a highly interesting collection of trees. About 3,000 trees from all around the world. The arboretum has become my passion and inspired me to my long study of nature's incredible energy.  How life arises. How important nature is. MORE

carsten Konstrundan artists / Carsten Nilsson
Trough past centuries wood carving was not a rare skill. Up to the twentieth century, all the furniture, even in common houses, was usually carved by hand. Tables and chairs, mirrors and cupboards, beds and closets, doors and even crates, were all ornamented by skilled craftsman. Today, it is almost forgotten knowledge.  Welcome to the studio of Carsten Nilsson, one of the few left professional wood carvers in Sweden. MORE 
Oil, graphics and mixed media on handmade paper have remained my expression technologies and built with the sculpture in concrete and plaster. MORE

gottberger1 art&galleries / Håkan Gottberger

Håkan Gottberger started very prominently, with exhibitions and rewards in Stockholm during the '60s. The career of a photographer looked bright. But life had another plan for Håkan. MORE
Maria Lancing is famous for her scrimshaw or enamel technique in creating art. Today, we went to visit Maria in her little gallery in Skillinge. MORE

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Café & Galleri Blå is settled in an old farm in Gärsnas, carefully preserved in its original shape with beamed ceilings and wooden floors. It is known for its exhibitions of many established artists, but also for the famous "eggakaka", the popular Scåne version of ham and eggs. MORE

francatthetable art / Franco Paglialunga in Smedstorp
I work with iron, concrete, and wood. I use some new but mostly old objects with history and another former function. My products are not life-solving exhibition items. They should convey the desire to be used, relevant and not give a sterile storefront feeling. The inspiration I have from my "Tuscany" childhood images that meld into the Österlenian light and colors. MORE 

streetart3 art / Street Art Österlen
Since 2014, various artist are creating murals and graffiti around Österlen, as guests of Street Art Österlen festival. MORE

targa art / Charlotta Unger
Right along the coastal road between Kåseberga and Sandhammar beach, in the middle of nature, lays Charlotta Unger´s art studio and farm shop. Charlotta creates items of everyday use from ceramics to the skin.  And all with a great touch of creativity and playfulness. MORE