DSC 0629 shopping&fun / Book Shops in Österlen
For those who like to read, or are in search of a nice book to buy, we prepared a list of interesting book shops and antiquarian booksellers around Österlen. more

Österlen Artists&Galleries

Österlen is famous as an artistic region and there are just so many galleries and summer exhibitions worth of visiting. Here we bring some suggestions.

kristhinehof1c 14 artists at Christinehof Castle
"I am Christina" is an exhibition of 14 different artists, dedicated to Christina Piper, the builder of the castle, and the "first Swedish entrepreneur woman" from the 17th century.  web / map

8 Österlen Summer Guide 2017
Österlen Museums 
 A complete guide to all of the museums in the region. MORE

DSC 0010a art / Street Art Österlen
Since 2014, various artist are creating murals and graffiti around Österlen, as guests of Street Art Österlen festival. MORE

sjobogastgiveri9 `Ö´ eat&stay / Gastro Österlen

A gastro-tour around Österlen, with the choice of restaurants, pizzerias or snack bars we recommend visiting during the summer. MORE

hylke14 shop&fun /Österlen Gårdsbutiks
The word "gårdsbutik" means a farm with a shop, and since there was always a lot of farms around Österlen, there are also many different gårdsbutiks. MORE

stens nature / Stenshuvud
Stenshuvud is a national park spreading on 390 hectares. An ancient forest with a stone mountain,  just a mile south from Kivik. According to legend, the mountain got its name from the stone giant. MORE

There are so many historical places in Österlen that should be visited, and here we bring just some of them. MORE