minijatura history /  Lantbruksmuseet in Hammenhög
Agricultural Museum or Lantbruksmuseet in Hammenhög contains items from early eighteenth up to the middle of the twentieth century.
This very interesting collection, settled in a very interesting space, gives us a real sense of history and tradition of the town of Hammenhög.
Inside the collection, there is a myriad of items used in practical work in the fields and houses,   production of animals and the transportation of various kinds, especially with horses. There are also some items related to the house maintenance work, such as laundry and food preparing.
All of it is garnished with some exquisite wooden carvings in miniature from Ossian Andersson. 


Our host, Sven-Ingemar Nilsson is proud to show us some of the tools that have been used on the fields of Hammenhög,  for centuries.




We see also some curiosities, like the first milk-machine ever used in Österlen or an old deluxe wheelchair. 



Museum is getting lots of visitors, not only from Sweden but other countries too. Sven-Ingemar is telling us about the visit from a pair of  agricultural workers from Nepal last year. They were particularly interested in the old tools and ways of agricultural work. Not longer after their visit, unfortunately, their country was hit with a disastrous earthquake. This year the museum is raising donations for the victims of Nepal.

Lantsbruksmuseet is open every day, 01 to 04pm,
and during the period between the 29th of Juni to the 9th of August.
Entrance is 20 SEK
For special visits and other info, contact Sven Ingemar Nilsson, tel. 0414-440300
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