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For thousands of years, this huge mound of stone was a mystery for local people.  From that scary  legend about evil spirits haunting it to another, more attractive,  the one about some hidden treasure, buried in it. In the daylight, people would come to pick up some of the stone in order to use it for their own purposes. When the night comes, everybody would just stay away from this "haunted" place.
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In 1748, two farmers firmly decided to excavate and find that legendary fortune. Instead of finding the treasure, they discovered an ancient stone grave.  It turned to be one of the most important archeology discovery in Sweden, the King´s Grave, or Kungagraven.
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Rumor said, back in 1748, that the two farmers have actually stolen the treasure. They were even arrested and interrogated for it. But nothing could be proven against them, so they were freed. King´s Grave is measuring 75 meters (250ft) in diameter.
According to experts, the monument  was, at least, three times bigger when it was built. This is the reason why some named it The Swedish Pyramid.
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And it is not the only reason. Inside the tomb, strange stone carvings, showing animals, people and even a chariot drawn by two horses and having four spoked wheels. All this symbols and  designs strongly remind us of  pyramids in Egypt.
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 Archeologists date the construction of this ancient grave into the bronze age, at least, a thousand years B.C. Very near to this site there is another ancient stone ship formed monument, very similar to Ales Stenar in Kåseberga, but in lesser dimensions.
duga  For a small fee, it is possible to visit the King´s Grave or Kungagraven in Kivik. There is a workshop at the place, where you can get information, buy a souvenir or have a coffee. 
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