In the ancient forest near St Olof, surrounded by parks and moats, lays Kronovall, one of the most beautiful castles of Österlen. MORE 

"Breaking Huts" were very much in use untill the 20st century, and were made for drying the flax before it could be used for the clothes. MORE  
Vitaby church is among the most precious churches in southern Sweden. Not only for its beauty, or the position overlooking the Baltic, but also for its history value. MORE

For centuries Onslunda has been known as a brush production town, and today, we went to visit the Borstmuseum or The Brush Museum in Onslunda. MORE

140x211 images Simrishamn stnicholas outside1 history / St. Nicholas Church in Simrishamn
St Nicholas Church (Sankt Nicolai kyrka) in Simrishamn is mentioned for the first time in 1161. Originally a chapel it has expanded through times. The tower was added in the 15th century, and the delicately carved pulpit dates from 1626. MORE 

grevlunda history / Vallabacken Ruins near Vitaby
At Grevlunda, near Vitaby, there is a circular construction of Vallabacken, a ruin of a fortress dated from the early Middle Ages, but excavations suggest that the construction was built on some previous and older one. MORE

three history & museums / Sea Rescue Society
They save lives on a daily bases. In the port of Kåseberga there is the old rescue station, now a museum, dedicated to the Swedish Sea Rescue Society. MORE

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