Church Churches of Österlen / St Olof
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St Olof church is one of the most beautiful medieval churches of Österlen. Built in a gothic style, its interiors still contain many parts from medieval times.
On the peak of its glory, there was nine altairs in St.Olof church. Four of them are still there. On the walls there are traces of medieval frescoes.
And a curiosity, a statue of St. Olof with a silver ax. It is beilived that this silver ax has magical powers.
Like other St. Olof churches, this one was build near to a certain important spring or a water source.
In the Middle Ages the source cult had a boost and many special rituals were added through the direct involvement of the Church.Since then, thousands of pilgrims are visiting St. Olof´s Source attracted by its sanctity.
After the Reformation in 1536,  the cult of saints was considered superstitious and primitive.The church now tried in various ways to eradicate it, but interest in the St.Olof source never really ceased.
On his journey trough Österlen in 1749, famous biologist Carl Linnaeus visits St. Olof´s source and writes: "The most prestigious feast is St. Olaf's day, when people storms here in the great abundance from distant places, to comment on preaching and to sacrifice.
Pilgrims or tourists, St. Olof church still attracts many, due to its unique beauty. 
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