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Today, we went to visit the Brush Museum in Onslunda. The museum is settled in a beautiful farm from the late 1800s. 
Onslunda has for centuries been a brush production town, and has held two major factories. One of the first owners Mårten Larrson was known in whole Sweden as the Börstkungen ( The King of Brushes).
Today, there is just a small production, in the house next to the museum.The most interesting part of the museum is the brush manufacture reconstructed from the times of another famous brush-bussines owner, Alma Trapp.
Here you get an insight into how brushes made by hand and then by the old style machine. In the Brush Museum you can with a small addition to entering try making your own brush.
Our host Kenny is showing us how to make one. Part of museum collections are also in the form of furniture and household items.
There is also a retro-style shop of handmade brushes and sweets. In the room next store you will find a small classroom from the village with benches, the lectern and wonderful educational posters hung on the walls. 
Brush Museum is also organising the courses in brush making, and guided visits.
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