Österlen Museums 
 A complete guide to all of the museums in Österlen. 

 Here is a complete guide to all of the museums in Österlen, big or small, and from A to Z. We bring you the links to their web pages and to maps showing the way. We also bring some links our articles and photo galleries about them.

Traditional & Modern Museum  / Allmogemuseum
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Tractor Museum  / Traktorängens Museum 
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outside Österlen Museum / Österlens Museum
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If we have missed some of the museums in Österlen, no matter how big, or what are they about, please tip us, we will add them to our guide. 

stone More than Museums / Historical Places
text & photo: aboutosterlen.com
There are so many historical places in Österlen that should be visited, and here we bring some: 
Ales 1
It consists of 59 megalithic stones, some higher than 3 meters, standing in proper positions to form the mystical shape of a big ship or eclipse. Ales Stenar.  MORE
250x174 images kivik kings entrance
For thousands of years, this huge mound of stone near Kivik was a big mystery. Now is one of the most important historical findings in Sweden, the King´s Grave, or Kungagraven. MORE
Klostret, or the Abbey in Ystad was founded in the year 1267 by the members of the Franciscan order. Ruined and rebuild more than once, but never abandoned. MORE 
suncana Havängsdösen is a 5000 years old stone grave. It was discovered at the beginning of the nineteenth century when an unusually strong storm removed the sand layers from it. This grave was placed so the entrance is looking towards the sea.  MORE