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The word "gårdsbutik" means a farm with a shop, and since there was always a lot of farms around Österlen, today there are also many different Gårdsbutik. Most of them are still active, farming and selling their own products, but many also developed into the shops of different kind or restaurants, B&B-s, art galleries and even museums.



A Gårdsbutik is a very popular place in Österlen, especially in the summer, with their gardens and nature all around, and here are some suggestions for our readers.

gunsgards Guns Gårdsbutik

A popular café and bakery at Guns Gårdsbutik near Borrby and just a mile from sandy beaches. Open all year around.

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hylke12 Hylkegården

One of the first big farms in Österlen transforming into a shop with a café. A trend that many other farms followed and becoming a sort of a trade-mark of the whole region. more / web / map

carina hgg

Carina Hägg at Annedals Gård 

Carina Hägg is a Swedish designer who turned a farm near Hammenhög into an atelier. And a very interesting shop showing various and originally designed items. web / map

asgards Åsgard - Holkestorp Gårdsbutik

This Gårdsbutik near Onslunda is offering of their own ecological products from the farm. Lamb, like meat and chark, or skins, and products of dinkel, like marmalades or chutney. webmap 

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Billo in Olovsdal is a farm turned into antique furniture and restoration workshop, with a gallery, and also a B&B with charming gård-style rooms. web / map 



A renovated farm that now is a B&B, a shop of local products, and a café, just outside Borrby. Only a few miles from the beach, and everything in Österlen is also very near. web / map

DSC 0365 Gunnarshögs Gård  
Gunnarshögs Gård, is the kingdom of rape-seed oil and a good example of how a choice of healthy production can support sustainable development, even on a bigger scale. more / web / map