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Loppis - flea markets and shops

Österlen is famous for its many "loppis" or flea-markets. Here we bring some interesting suggestions for flea market lovers.


 In Österlen, "loppis"(Loppmarknad) can be many different things. It can be a big or small flea-market, it can also be a regular auctions warehouse or a shop of antiquities. Many farms and private houses also often put the sign "loppis" at their entrance, turning their home into a garage-shop for a day.


Lisagården in Glemmingebro is an interesting second-hand shop, with lots of indoor items, from decorations to toys, books, clothes and much more. web / map



Most of loppis events are happening in the summer,  but there are some loppis open the whole year around. Or, at least, every Saturday, like a very popular Lundins Lada near Gärsnas. more map



Another place we recommend visiting is Haraldssons Auktion at their fine warehouse in Sjöbo. Haraldssons offers a nice webshop too!  map / web




 At Suckarnas Göng in Ystad, from April until October, there is a huge open-air flea market going on every Saturday. map




Alt i Allo in Hammenhög is organizing loppis every Saturday, with a myriad of interesting items, all from kitchen utensils, home gadgets, books, and furniture. map




Another very nice loppis place we propose is Mariedal Gård near Hammenhög. It is an old farm turned into a big loppis shop. Open on weekends. map



Follow us while we bring more about loppis in Österlen 

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