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There is a huge choice of restaurants and café in Österlen. From traditional guesthouses and snack bars, to gourmet restaurants, modern cuisine or world food gastronomy temples.
Jan 6, 2017 / Byvägen 35 is a popular bakery and a café in St. Olof that everybody talks about. So, we went to check it out too! MORE

torget4 restaurants&café / Torget 6
Torget 6 is a popular café and restaurant on the central square in Tomelilla. Local specialities and every day menu is in offer. MORE

8 restaurants&caféCafé Perrongen

Café Perrongen is an charming and cozy retro café settled inside the old Ystad train station. Café and snacks are served plus daily menu.  MORE

DSC 0813 restaurants&café / Brösarps Gästgifveri
One of the most famous guesthouses in Österlen is certanly the Brösarps Gästgifveri. It conserved it´s traditional look from 19th century, and since then never ceased to recieve guests on a daily bases. MORE
restaurant restaurants&café / Traubgården
Traubgården near Skillinge is a gourmet restaurant of chef celebrity Walter Traub, who used to be a Michelin star chef at some of the best restaurants in Stockholm. MORE

DSC 0925 restaurants&café / Skillinge Hamnkrog
In the heart of the Skillinge bay, we visited a charming restaurant, the Skillinge Hamnkrog. This place has a comfortable and warm ambient of an old fisherman's house, while the view on the Skillinge bay is all around us. MORE  

out2 restaurants&café / Smedjan Bykrog & Logi
Enjoy a gourmet meal at the family managed Smedjan cafe & logi in the old smithy in Östra Ingelstad. Smedjan is open Thursday to Sunday, all year round! MORE

bank restaurants&café / Kåsessons
In 1930 built Per and Magnhild Åkesson had to sell a charming Café they runned in Kåseberga. In 2014, their granddaughter Maria Åkesson had the opportunity to re-buy the house and bring back the café. MORE 

thaifood restaurants&café / The best Thai in Österlen!

If you likeThai food, we reccomend the Thai Garden Restaurant.The chef Tuong Huy Nguyen learned his skill from not less than a main chef for King of Thailand! MORE
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