how to reach us

There are different ways you can travel to Österlen. Here we bring some tips and links about it.



  One can use the plain, the train, the bus, the ferry, and even a boat to reach Österlen. 



Reaching Österlen by plain:
There are more than few international airports in Österlen, or near to our region. Many flying companies are connecting Österlen with the rest of the world. Here we bring you some links to the main airports:
25 Malmö train station connects Österlen with Stockholm and Copenhägen, and the rest of Europe, as well with northern parts of Sweden. There is a special train, Pågatågen, connecting Malmö and Österlen. You can recognize it by a particular pink color. Find more
Ferry companies are connecting Österlen every day from Germany and Poland. Here are  some links:
Österlen is very well covered by good roads, so one of the best ways is to come with your own car.or the bike. There is also a regional bus network, connecting all the towns and villages.
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And, last but not the least, there is another nice way to reach Österlen. This region has many nice ports and fisherman towns on the coast. So why not just sail in?