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Gatuköks are often to be found near to crossroads of Österlen, as places where hungry travelers and drivers can have a break and a warm meal.  

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Gatukök, meaning a street-kitchen, is a Swedish version of a snack bar mixed with a fast food.
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Gatuköks in Österlen have a big tradition, and it can be a restaurant or just a simple grill stand, but what all they have in common is one thing: hundreds of different dishes and recipes involving meat and/or sausages. 
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One of the most popular Gatukoks in Österlen is the one in Vitaby .This Gatukök offers traditional and regional dishes, but of course, one can taste some fine hamburgers, or even kebab plates and pizza´s. Everything is regularly on the everyday menu. 
Eva, who runs the bussines together with Bengt, explains to us the filosofy of Vitaby Gatukok: "Here the things ar simple, and it always works: a big varitey of good dishes and all for a decent price". To this, we would also add the kindness of the staff.
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In Vitaby Gatukök some scenes from movies about detective Vallander were filmed.
Another thing is famous about this place, and it is its road sign. On the sign it is written "Go Mad", and we know what that means in English, but around here actually it means simply "Good Food".
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And, last but not the least, just on the side of Vitaby Gatukök, there are ruins of Vallabacken to admire.
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