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A little town of St Olof is known since medieval times. It is named after Olaf II of Norway, one of those rare Scandinavian saints. 



The church of St. Olof is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches of Österlen. On the peak of its glory, there were nine altars in the church. Four of them are still there.



This church contains a curiosity, a statue of St. Olof with a silver ax. It is believed that this silver ax has magical powers. 


About 200 meters from the church, there is a famous water source that has been visited by pilgrims for thousands of years. 
In his journey to Skåne in 1749, biologist Linneas wrote: "The central feast is St. Olaf's day, when the people storms here in the great abundance from distant places to say something on preaching and sacrifice." Even today, St. Olof source is visited by pilgrims and tourists. 
cows The railway in St Olof was closed in the 60´s. Part of the old railway went saved and today is a touristic attraction. A ride with the old locomotive is a unique experience. One can even hire a draisine, and have a trip trough the beautiful St. Olof´s countryside. 
back A bit northern from St. Olof, there is a 1700-century Kronovall castle, surrounded with a beautiful park known for its magnificent maze hedge. Today, Kronovall castle is turned into a hotel, restaurant and also a wine chateau. In its basements, tens of thousands of bottles of Swedish sparkling wine are stored. 
Today St Olof is a thriving little community, with many shops, restaurants and tourist attractions. The coast with sandy beaches is just minutes away, and local buses connect the town with other places in Österlen many times a day.
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