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 photo & text: aboutosterlen.com
In the center of St.Olof we found a little but very nice shop of clothes, Nisses Beklädnadsaffär.
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Jackets and boots, hats and caps, shirts and trousers, cravattes and other gadgets of good quality can be find in this clothing shop.
The speciality of Nisse´s Beklädning is style, everything is chosen for people who likes nature, perfect for wonderers about Österlen. 

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Its actual owner Janne used to have a similar shop in Stockholm.

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Among his clients there are many photographers and sportsman. Janne is known for the choice of good clothes, even among celebrities like members of King´s family. 
"My passion is clothes for people who love nature, from those who just like to walk to professionals, like hunters. Everything I offer comes from brands with high quality and style" says Janne, not without pride. 
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We ask why the shop is called Nisse´s and not Janne´s? "This shop in St.Olof used to be known as Nisse´s for decades and I thought to honour it and keep that tradition" smiles Janne.
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