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Some say a book is the best companion. On the sunny beach or under the rainy day, what is better than a good book? 
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For those who love books, new or old,  Borrby is a special place. This small town has so many book shops so is due to earn a title of a Book Town. 
According to a Book Town is defined as follows: ”A book town is a small village with a large number of second-hand or antiquarian book shops. These villages attract bibliophilic tourists to the book shops, and with literary festivals.”
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The concept of Book Town was brought to Borrby by antiquarian Peter Bodén who owns an established antiquarian company in Stockholm where he has two shops. The third shop is in Borrby.
Bookshop owners in Borrby are gathered in a book club, organizing meetings with writers and other events, especially during the summer season but also the whole year around.


The club name is Borrby Bokby, where "Bokby" in Swedish stays for "book-town". All the shops are walking distance and it is quite a fun to spend a morning among many Borrby shops of books.
From antique books to a special library for children literature, in Book Town Borrby you can find it all. 
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