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Österlen region lays in Skåne, the southern part of the Scandinavian peninsula and Sweden.
It is famous for it´s rich cultural and archeological heritage,  beautiful gardens and landscapes, sandy beaches, apple orchards, fishing villages and picturesque small towns with medieval churches.
The name of the region means "East of the route" since Österlen geographically is settled east from the central way connecting south and north of Scandinavia.
Today, Österlen is known as a tourist destination. It is the region with the warmest climate in the whole of Scandinavia and here even the Mediterranean type of plants can be cultivated.
Lots of Swedish and international artists choose to live in Österlen, taking inspiration from its natural beauty.
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Traditionally, since the sixties, and once a year during Easter festivities, members of Österlen´s artists association open their ateliers for public visit.
Being a "little bit aside from the main road" makes Österlen a region where the past is still visible in many ways, giving it a special charm.
This website is dedicated to Österlen. Here we bring articles about history, art, gardens and about different towns & villages in this wonderful region.
On this site, you can read more about sports and nature, as well as where to stay or to eat or to shop while visiting Österlen.
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