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OldDesignShop ClapsaddleBoyHeartyWishesPC Winter Holidays Season in Smedstorp
Smedstorp is a village in the heart of Österlen known for its antique and art shops. Here we bring some suggestions of what to do if you visit Smedstorp during the winter holidays season.

couple gastronomy / Smedjan Café & Logi

Enjoy a gourmet meal at the family managed Smedjan cafe & logi in the old smithy near Smedstorp. The place is newly renovated and in the style that preserves the warmness and coziness of Österlen countryside.  MORE

gestoo1 shopping / Motor and antique shop Norrvalla

Searching for a nice Christmas gift?  Norrvalla is a shop of retro interior and antiques. They blend design classics with industry, patina, and shine. Modern and old antiques, unique things with equally unique stories. MORE
shop shopping / Leif´s shop of nostalgy in Smedstorp

Leif Handlare or Leif´s shop is a Smedstorps own general store, one of the few remaining on Österlen.  It is owned and ran by the Andersson family, now for four generations, and in the same old style, the one that a good village store should be run. MORE


blagarden  Blå Garden Österlen/ Art & Kraftwerk Smedstorp

Welcome and visit GunnEster Sköld Edlom och Ulf Sköld at Blå Gården Österlen. Here we live and create handmade creations that our guests can view in our gallery. In the studio, GunnEster paints with oil and acryl and creates arts with needle and threads in weaves. Angels, small chairs and other sculptures are created without any limits in wood, steel, and other materials. In the carpenter’s workshop, Ulf designs and manufactures high-quality furniture, chandeliers and much more in different woods such as beech, oak, pray, pine etc. You may also order other special designed woodwork according to your wishes. Welcome to visit us at Blå Gården Österlen!  map / web

Petersborgs7 producers / Petersborgs Mustard
There is an old tradition in mustard production around Österlen, and many agree that the one from Petersborgs Gård is the best. MORE

follow us while we bring more suggestions from Smedstorp

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