2134234554325 Converted Winter Holiday Season in Ystad

Ystad is a perfect place to visit during the winter season. There are many events going on, and the charming town is full of interesting shops and restaurants. Here we bring some suggestions of what to do while in Ystad.
solhjulet shopping /  Solhjulet
The biggest second-hand shop in Ystad, with more than 500 sqm of new and old items in the display. A perfect place for those who are looking for some unusual gifts! web

zara gastronomy / Restaurang Zara
We recommend this popular restaurant in the heart of Ystad, perfect for a break during your holiday shopping. web 

15 visit  / The Abbey in Ystad
Klostret, or the renovated medieval Abbey is a cultural center for the whole region. Many events, concerts, and exhibitions are organized during the festivities.
ostkllaren2 gastronomy / Ostkällaren
For your gastronomy pleasures and something extra for your Christmass table, we recommend the Ostkällaren shop in the center of Ystad. Huge choice of cheese and charcuterie from all over the world.   web / map 

ystad4  photo gallery / Advent Lights
With just some extra light, everything at night takes a special advent mood. Here we bring some night images from Ystad and Österlen. more photos

8 gastronomy / Café Perrongen

Café Perrongen is a charming retro-café settled inside the 19th century Ystad train station. Enjoy your break in the cozy, old-style, and taste the traditional Christmas table, or the "jultallrik".

fiske shopping / Fiske o Sportboden

Looking for some interesting gifts in Ystad? Why not trying Fiske o Sportboden? A very well equipped shop about sports, from fishing equipment to clothes, perfect presents to all of those nature & sports lovers.  web  /  map


shopping / TVspel Hörnan
Another interesting shop for special presents we found in Ystad, is the TVgame Corner. Or the TVspel Hörnan, a cult shop for PC and video games lovers in Österlen. Operational since 1993, at this place one can find all about the games, no matter how new or old. web 

oldstuff shopping / Old Stuff

Old Stuff is a fine shop of new, old and converted things for your interior design. Lots of original and high-style solutions. Easy to find on the main street in Ystad. web / map


follow us while we bring more suggestions from Ystad

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