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 "Already at my first visit to this amazing region in 2003. I felt in love with Österlen.


And no wonder, Österlen is full of history, from ancient stone monuments, castles and churches to old ports, towns and villages. 
Österlen is also a place of wonderful nature, small forests and gentle hills, golden fields and springs crowned by long sandy beaches and the wide blue Baltic sea. 
Österlen is also known for its beautiful gardens and the very exquisite gastronomy, while it is famous for it´s lively art and cultural scene. 
Since 2012 I live in Österlen, and still, every day I discover something new and interesting about it.
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As a journalist, immediately I felt strongly compelled to spread the news about wonders of Österlen.
That is why I´ve created the www.aboutosterlen.comIf you want to know more about Österlen, feel free to check the site.
Thanks for visiting!"
Andrija Ankovic, in Smedstorp, summer 2015.
"P.S. This site is dedicated to all the possible news about Österlen to all the possible readers, so you are very welcome to contact me if you have something about Österlen to share. :-)"
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