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Håkan Gottberger started very prominently, with exhibitions and rewards in Stockholm during the 60´s. The career of a photographer looked bright. But life, instead, had another plan for Håkan.



In 1968 Håkan inlisted himself in the Swedish Red Cross and went to Biafra in Africa for six months. He went there as a volunteer, not a photographer, but he offered to document the work of the Red Cross. What came out made Håkan one of the most known war photographers in those times. On this link you can see some of the photos. 




After this expirience, something changed in Håkan, and he decided to leave photography for good. He moved to northern Sweden, an took a complete different job. For long time Håkan stopped to be a photographer.




More than 30 years after, another voyage to Africa, this time at the Masai world, made Håkan rethink and imbrace his passion once more. It was in the beggining of 2000, and since than Håkan Gottberger is back to photography.




As many other artists, Håkan also was attracted by inspirational sights of nature and life in Österlen. Here he can work and produce in peace.




Ten years ago he moved to Smedstorp, where he started his the ÖFC Magasinet project: renovating the old seed-magasine building into a modern photo gallery. Photos in this article are made on Håkan´Gottberger exhibiton at ÖFC Magasinet.  



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