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Maria Lancing is famous for her scrimshaw or enamel tecnique in creating art peaces. Today, we went to visit Maria at her little gallery in Skillinge.
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Maria Lancing specialised herself in scrimshaw on eggs, connecting this tecnique with the old Skillinge tradition of painting the eggs for Easter.
Her motifs are often boats and seamens life, which she herself expirienced as young, and it is very much a very history of Skillinge, the fishermans port once used to be one of the bussiest ports of Österlen and Sweden.
In many ways, Maria Lancing is a "cultural spirit" of Skillinge, and it is a joy that she decided to guide us through some of the attractions of this charming village.
Maria is showing us a traditional door of fisherman houses, with characteristic symbols. This kind of doors can be found often in Skillinge and as well as in other ports of Österlen.
Here, we can see the famous mill of Skillinge, and the place where the precious Skillinge Dear was excavated. Now there is a statue of it to mark the spot.  It was a buckle that was to hold the dress and it is about 2500 years old. 
Maria has a little art gallery in the heart of Skillinge, where she shows her work but also organizes exhibitions for artist from Österlen and Sweden.
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