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International artists exhibiting about trekking, hiking, or just walking in space and time. "Trekking in Time" at Konstmuseum in Ystad.


The curators of this exhibition brought to Ystad ten different   artists having a similar theme in their art: Trekking, or travelling by walking. For example, the English artists Hamish Fulton and Richard Long are working exclusively with walking in their art, since the 60´s, and are considered the pioneers.
The work of Tisha Mukarji and Fredrik Strid are both based on long and demanding hikes covering two countries.
Marina Abramovic and Ulay, cooperating in the eighties, created a filmed documentation of a performance with the two walkers along the Great Wall of China, using the walk as a performative method.
While Kerstin Ergenzinger is documenting her walks researching into procces of movement and perception shifts, Juha Pekka Matias Laakonen creates work where a walk is a prerequisite, and it is about human rituals and activities while traveling to time and space.


Christina Kubisch is exhibiting her Electrical Walks, which started in 2003 and it is an ongoing process.
7 Gittan Jönsson´s painting "Vandreskan" and Hrafnkell Sigurðsson´s photographic series "Untitled" are more concerned about the man in nature, and how we use it, and represent it in Art.
"Trekking in Time" is on untill Nov 13, 2016. 
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