konstmuseum art&galleries / Konstmuseum in Ystad
text&photo: aboutosterlen.com
Just beside the Ystad Train Station there is Ystad Art Museum or Konstmuseum. 
It was build and inaugurated in 1936. It has two floors with home collection of art in display. 
Every year, there are five extra exhibitions, and many concerts shows and performances.
The collection is mostly about modern and contemporary art from Österlen, Sweden, and Denmark, from the late 1800s to today.
Here you will find among other works of  Inger Ekdahl, Leif Holm Beach,  Ola and Hans Billgren, Tora Vega Holmström, Gerhard Nordstöm, Oluf Autumn, Karin Persson,  Gerhard Wihlborg, Greta Sandberg, Ellen Trotzig, and Charlotte Walentin.
In the Konstmuseum there is also a collection of books about art, from the 1940s onwards, as well as museum café and a shop.
For the permanent exhibition. there is an audio guide, where you can go on a guided tour.
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