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Klostret, or the Abbey in Ystad is founded in the year 1267 by the members of Franciscan order. Trough its long existance, it was ruined and rebuild more than once, but never really abbandoned. 10
Today, it is a museum and a cultural center-point of Ystad and Österlen. The building consists of the Church and the Abbey.
In the early 16th century, the Franciscans were dissmissed due to the Reformation. So, the Abbey was turned into asylum.
The good part of it went into ruins. In 1777, the asylum went closed and what remained of the Abbey became a distillery and the granary.


In 1876 the city of Ystad bought the house on the auction. By then, the Abbey was not more than the old ruin. It was then that the "battle for the monastery" begun.


On one side it was them who thought that a bilding was a disgrace and wanted to demolish it.  The others wanted to restore it as a cultural heritage. Luckily, the other side prevailed, and the Abbey was actually renovated in the beggining of the 20th century.
 Today, Klostret is one of the most visited places in Ystad, and a home for numerous exhibitions and events. It is also known for numerous gardens surrounding it.
Just now in the Klostret, there is an exhibition about the origins of music in Europe, the Archaeomusica. 
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