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The art of garden figures is probably as old as gardening itself.



In many of Österlen´s gardens figures like trolls, angels or animals are a common sight. 

We went to visit the Österlens Garden Art, a family owned business that manufactures concrete figures for home and garden.
Our host Josef Portas is showing us around this interesting shop.  All figures are handmade and come in different colour shapes, like white or antiqued.
Many different types of animals, angels and madonna figures, trolls and dragons, even Buddha figures are in display. 
The figures are made of concrete, which is a strong and durable material suited for a Scandinavian climate, outside or inside. 
Osterlens Trådgardkonst is also producing pedestals and urns, and many other items for garden art.


 Osterlens Garden Art is settled in the old dairy near Hammenhög, and easy to find. Just pasing the main road you can see the sculptures.
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