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I Vått och Torrt ("In Wet and Dry") is a charming garden and design store driven with personal touch by gardening designer Carina Ljung. 
In 2003, Carina and her family decided to switch Stockholm with Österlen and get away from city's pulse. They found a haven in the form of an old farm in the heart of picturesque Östra Ingelstad near Smedstorp.
Carina´s passion in gardening soon became her life, and beautiful Byagården came to flourish again. "I Vått och Torrt" is a very inviting and relaxing garden. Rich with different plants and flowers, surrounded by hills and fields.
A personal touch is visible everywhere you look, this garden is an example of a symbiosis between nature and a gardener. I Vått och Torrt is also a design shop specialized in gardening lifestyle. Here you will find interior fittings for both your home and your garden.
From pots to clothes, and even specially chosen colors for interiors in your country house. They can design and plan the entire or parts of your garden and also offer advisory services at a home visit. 
I Vått och Torrt often organizes interesting events about gardening and seasonal "Gardening flea market" at their place. Everybody is invited to participate, and admission is free.
On "I Vått och Torrt" web page, you can find more information and also a webshop. 
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