prva Gardens / Gamla Bryggeriet in Smedstorp
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A real pearl in Smedstorp´s "Gamla bryggeriet" or the "Old Brewery". It is a small garden but full with many original and exciting corners. 
This garden is interacting with the art of its creator, Per Baker. The feeling we get in Gamla Bryggeriet is very intimate and peaceful, while we admire how the owner worked the garden into every detail. 


We notice a very nice clematis collection. An exquisite stone path leads to the pond in the middle. Everything is arranged with lots of cure and patience.
Introducing many of wintergreen plants in the garden, Per made Gamla Bryggeriet interesting even out of the warm season. See more.
Adjacent to the garden there is the gallery of Per´s blacksmith art and designed metal, interacting with horticulture. 
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Gamla Bryggeriet is open for the public visits on weekends, and everyday during the season. Check their website for accurate opening times.  

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