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Växkraft or Rosenhagen at Skåne - Tranås is a garden center and a plant nursery, just a place for any kind of gardener. 


As early as 1934, there was a plant nursery at Rosenhagen. Today, it is the most known gardeners place around Österlen. 


From seeds and onions to flowers and plants, the choice is huge and basicaly it consists in anything that can be grown in the region. 


Växkraft offer a huge variety of trees, shrubs, roses, conifers, fruit trees, berry bushes, perennials, and so much more.


Any kind of pots and tools with lots of other gadgets for proper gardening can also be found at Växkraft. 
There is also everything for the pond, the soil from leading manufacturers, organic fertilizers and a plant pharmacy.
Växkraft is open every day, even on Sunday, here you can check the openning hours.
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