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  "Six years ago I had a chance to ride the high wheeler, and it became a great passion immediately." says Per-Olof Kippel, architect and entrepreneur from Österlen.



This passion led him to start designing his own highweelers, and open a shop of his retro-bikes in Tryde.




"High wheeler is a chalenge, and a drama. It is biking, but it is more near to flying. It is a unique feeling." adds Per-Olof, showing us the highest bike in the shop.




HISTORY High wheel bicycle, high wheeler, penny farthing and ordinary are all terms used to describe the first vehicle to be called "bicycle". This elegant but adventurous type of vehicle used to be extremely popular between 1870 and 1900, until the modern bycicle was developed. During that period many high wheel biking clubs existed, and by the mid 1870´s there were already manufacturers all over Europe and only in England there were some twenty firms making bicycles.




Today, ethusiasts from all over the world are biking with their high wheel bicycles. 


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There are regular races and competitions, while many like to stroll around on their own escursions. (photo:LINA KARNA KIPPEL) 



You are welcome to visit the Standard Highwheels Workshop in Tryde and check the bikes. Or, why not, book for a riding try-out? Don´t forget to check their online shop. 


"Standard Highwheels in Tryde is a company, a project and most of all a fantastic bicycle for those who are not afraid to stand out, for those who are close to passion, joy and perhaps a touch of madness. The experience of riding a high wheel bicycle is simply superior to the one of a regular bike." Standard Highwheels

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