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Once almost forgotten, Kivik´s Arboretum shines today in its beauty and natural richness.There are trees from all over the world, many species with different variations, and they all seem to have it really nice.
Wandering inside this wonderful collection of trees one can easy get lost while having some good and inspiring time. In the beginning of twenties, an experienced seaman, Captain Albert Wallis bought the estate Esperöd in Kivik. He purchased this land with one clear intention.
To populate it with trees. Close to the garden he  rearranged the old building, the Esperöd herrgård.  Captain Wallis was real enthusiast about trees of any form and shape. Immediately, he started to systematically plant various types of conifers.
His intent was research, hoping to find out what species of trees could be used to grow in the parks of Sweden. Unfortunately, he died shortly after, in 1925.  By that time, thought, Captain Wallis realised to plant up to 3000 trees in the Asperöd Arboretum! 
Dendrologists took an interest in the Arboretum during the 1930´s and 1940´s, and it was frequently visited. First inventories have been done at that time.In spite of all that interest, from the fifties, Arboretum in Kivik begins to decay and finally falls into oblivion. For a very long time, Esperöd Herrgård was left to itself, with nobody to take care of. When the present owner, artist Bo Hultén, bought the Esperöd Herrgård in 1985, the arboretum was in a very bad shape.
The Arboretum immediately starts to be a passion for the artist. Since then, great effort was done to put the property back in order. There are 40,000 m2 to explore in Kiviks Arboretum.
A huge variety of magnolia species on display. There is Mandaringran, Cascade spruce, Himalayan cedar, Chinese tulip tree, Wheel trees, Chinese sequoia, and much more. There is even an old oak tree from the 1500s, with a trunk circumference of about 887 cm! Asperöd Arboretum is privately owned, but the owners think that this fantastic collection should be available to the public. Although, visitors are advised not to remove plants, seeds, cones and other natural materials from the area.
A visit to the Arboretum is free of charge. However, you can help in keep it open to the public by buying a guide and a map, so you won´t get lost! If you would like a guided tour, please contact Bo Hultén ( tel. 0739-975441). 
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