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text & photo: aboutosterlen.com
In nature, there are so many types of mushrooms. Some are edible and some, like the red one on the photo, are extremely toxic. But, most of the mushroom is not yet known. It is estimated that there are about 1.5 million species of fungi, but only about 5% or 70000 are known to science.
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Mushrooms in nature have a high biodiversity and ecological importance, because among other things, they are a link in the circulation of materials and bio-energy flows, and those that grow in the forest are much more significant for the process of their restoration. 
The passion of collecting mushrooms in Österlen is increasing, with its many good "posts" or places for mushroom "hunting" lovers especially those in the countryside. However, picking mushrooms is a complex task, not only because of the possible accidental poisoning but also the need to keep the fungi in nature as important members of the ecosystem.  poldek3 It is always good to remember some important rules. On our mushroom picking trip, we are accompanied by a mushroom expert, artist Leopold Falkowski who lives in Österlen since 1982. 
"To find a good mushroom place is like finding a good fishing spot, so once you find it, you keep a secret", says Leopold, while bringing us to one of such places, which we promised not to reveal. 
"Mushrooms in nature must be picked with care, not be destroyed, and in their harvesting one needs to have measures in order to restore them continuously", explains Leopold, showing us how to cut the mushroom properly so it will grow again. "Another good advice is never to pick the mushroom you don´t recognize, and even then is always good to have an expert checking what you picked, before you eat it".
In the first hour of our walk, luck was not on our side. We found just a few mushroom worth picking. Still, we think, even if we don´t pick any, it is always great fun to take a nice walk in nature. 


Suddenly, we find a path with lots of different mushrooms. With Leopolds help, we pick those which are eatable. We find some precious porcini and chantarelle. This two types of mushroom are actually easy to recognize, even for an amateur. And a culinary delicacy. Soon, our baskets are full, and we decide to pass on the next part of our mushroom picking trip. Read more about it soon!
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