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Rolling hills, picturesque waterfalls and bubbling cold springs, deep forests and wildlife, colorful pastures, sandy beaches. When it comes to nature, Brösarp is a real pearl of Österlen.
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 Within a mile radius around the town, there are eight nature reserves, each with unique environments and landscapes. All in all, more than 3000 hectares of amazing nature. No wonder this little town in the north-east of Österlen attracts so many nature-lovers. 
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"Brösarps Backar" or the lopes surrounding Brösarp in all directions are the deposits from the last ice age. They are partially covered with forests, but there are also large areas of open heathland. In late summer, slopes are like the purple sea when the heather is in bloom while winter creates mountain atmosphere when the snow settles like a blanket over the hilly landscape.
pestskrap Following over 100 km of hiking trails and jogging tracks around Brösarp there is just too much to see. Amazing beech forest towards Maglehem full of berries and mushrooms and wildlife. Verkasjön lake with Christinehof castle and Ecopark, a hilly and beautiful Drakamöllan, moorland that is the remnant of an ancient cultural landscape.
Morgondimma ny Don´t miss Hallamölla, which is the highest waterfall in the South of Sweden. If you come here in the fall when trout migrate upstream, you can see a spectacular show, the forces of nature and the fish challenging them. Hallamölla is the part of Verkeån spring. 
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The spring source is high up on Linderödsåsen hill 180 meters above sea level. On its journey to the coast, Verkeån is surrounded by a beautiful valley rich with nature, flowing full 50 kilometers until it meets the sea at Haväng.
There, white sand beaches spread out as far as the eye can see and moorland is more reminiscent of French Provence than of Scandinavia. At Hävang there is Havängsdösen, 5 500 years old megalithic grave. suncana It was long hidden under the sand until it was discovered during a severe autumn storm in 1843. The grave consists of several boulders that form a burial chamber. Another popular place is Tockabjärs source, inviting the visitor to cup hands and taste the fresh and healthy water. It is really impossible to see all the natural wonders of Brösarp at once.  We surely want to come back and discover more about it!
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