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Haväng is an amazing nature reserve stretching from Brosärp to the Baltic Sea and beautiful sandy beaches of the eastern coast of Österlen.
It is an area that circles and follows the last parts of Verkåen river in its voyage to the sea. Amazing nature all around us. Peaceful and colorful pastures and moorland turning into sandy steppe and dunes accompanied by old oak and beech trees.  


And all that bringing us into the beautiful sea landscape with endless sandy beaches. No wonder Haväng for centuries has been attracting nature-lovers and artists. Reaching the coast, we find just another attraction.
A 5000 years old stone grave, Havängsdösen. It was discovered at the beginning of the nineteenth century when an unusually strong storm removed the sand layers from it. This grave was obviously made for somebody important, and it was placed so the entrance is looking towards the sea.  
backar It is a proof that people already lived here, at least in those days. Havängdösen is yet another of mysterious and ancient monuments of Österlen, like Kiviks Grave or Ales Stenar.
And still, these seem not to be the oldest sign of human activities in the region. Just a few hundred meters from Havängsdösen and into the sea, archeologists have found wooden fish traps conserved in the sand, and those are estimated to be more than 9000 years old!
The beaches here are stretching north to Hanöbukten and south to Stenshuvud, another natural pearl of Österlen.  At the Verkåen estuary, we stop to visit Skepparpsgården, a beautiful half-timbered farmhouse dating back to the early eighteen century.
The farm has a thatched roof, typical for the old Österlen architecture.  In the summer time, Skepparpsgården turns into a cozy hostel.  
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