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Ystad Djurpark or Ystad´s ZOO is a place where animals and people feel at home.



It is settled in the beautiful countryside, where most of the animals walk free and in harmony with nature.





There are more than 60 different species of animals at Ystad´s ZOO. Many of them are domestic animals, but there are also exotic ones, like monkeys, lemurs, lamas and different reptiles.





Every year there are new-borns in Ystad Djurpark, and in 2016 those are  lemurs, camel, moose, bison, eland, mara, muntjac, meerkats, tamarins, wallaby and domestic cows, goats and sheep.




This Zoo is also made for people to enjoy, during the summer there is a large pool area with heated pools, a café with snacks and ice-creams, and a ZOO school.




Ystad Djurpark is a member of the Swedish Association for Zoos and Aquaria - an organisation guaranteeing high standards for animals.




At Ystad´s ZOO there are lots of activities for children. Seeing all the animals, petting the goats,  swimming in pools, jump in the hay, play at playgrounds, or riding the ponies.



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