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Listarumsåsen is a nature park on the ouskirts of Smedstorp, and a home to all sorts of southern Sweden wild trees.



Listarumsåsen is an esker, and that is a hill that was formed by the ice-walled tunnels by streams which flowed within and under glaciers. In order to protect this natural ridge from dissolving, the area of Listarum was proclaimed a natural reserve in 1970.




A walk in Listarumsåsen is a walk among hundreds of years old trees, mostly oak and beech, but also other wild trees species are present.





This forest is left to grow wildly, and it is full of old trunks in the soil, creating a unique microclimate.



Listarumsåsen is a paradise for bird watchers. Many particular bird sorts find their home at Listarum, specially in spring, and in autumn the very rare Eurasian Jay is often spotted here. 



There are no human activities in Listarumsåsen, so don´t expect restaurants and bars. It is a picnic area, so bring your own food and enjoy the nature 100%.





Listarumsåsen is a part of Gårdlosa walk, a 8 miles walk around Smedstorp area, with lots of natural and historical spots. 




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