There are numerous places to stay in the countryside and the coast of Österlen. Many are renovated old farms or captain houses, but with all modern commodities, nice gardens and some home products too. MORE

PAUSE in Tomelilla is more than just a B&B. It is created not only for a good pause in your everyday life but also a very healthy one. MORE

158 accommodation  / Killegården
Killegården, located centrally in Kivik is a four-winged old farm dating back to the 1850s, turned into a cozy Bed & Breakfast. MORE 

foto0271 accommodation  / Solrosen Apartments

In Solrosen it is possible to rent nicely furnished and well-equipped apartments, with access to a large garden and its lovely pond, created by garden artists Helge Lundström and Emma Karp Lundström. MORE  

entrance accommodation / Villa Sandby
Villa Sandby is an old farm house near Borrby, nicely renovated by Ulla and Thomas Hedberg. Surrounded by nature, it  is now a B&B, Café, and a gallery.  MORE 
Vadenhög in Sandby is a farm where you can rent rooms, café, gallery and shop. Only a mile from the sea and Österlen´s finest beach. MORE 
Charmingly renovated farm, turned into a nice b&b, art gallery, cafe and boutique, Gyllengården is in the heart of Österlen and anything that happens is reachable in minutes. MORE

anfas accommodation / Borregården in Borrby
In the middle of nature, fields, trees and nice garden, Borregården is a perfect place for your relaxing summer holidays. Gallery is showing exhibitions from Swedish Artist Association. MORE 

gardencafe accommodation / Blå Huset in Borrby
Blå Huset or Blue House in Borrby is a B&B, café, garden and shop, and all of it in retro style! Blå Huset is settled right in the center of Borrby, very close to miles of sandy beaches, in the middle of Österlen. MORE