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barels4 Nordic Sea Winery
Nordic Sea Winery is a state of the art winery, showroom with wine bar and a restaurant. Here you can enjoy wine and food while learning about wine producing - from grape to finished product.
Nordic Sea Winery is one of the major wine producers in Northern Europe, and many of it´s products are best-selling and well-known brands all over Sweden.
Visitors can follow the wine production up close and learn everything from how the grapes are harvested until the wine is bottled. 
nicolas with barrels
Guided tours go through the winery and production, vineyards and oak barrel cellars, ending with some good wine tasting. Nordic Sea Winery is also one of the world most modern wineries.
The grapes for the wine are picked around the globe in chosen vineyards, being fermented on satellite wineries and then shipped to the Nordic Sea Winery in Simrishamn. These wines are then processed by experts until finally bottled or boxed.


The founder of Nordic Sea Winery, Takis Soldatos, explains the project, "By moving the final production of wine from the world to Sweden, we create greater opportunity to control quality in the production chain, from grape selection to the very wine. It also creates major environmental benefits as well as local jobs."

Surrounding the winery, there is  Nordic Sea Winery´s own vineyard. The vineyard was planted recently, with many different sorts of grape. The idea is to find out which sort will suit the most the climate of Österlen. First grapes are expected to show up in few years.
Nordic Sea Winery in Simrishamn is a unique destination for wine and food lovers in Österlen. The showroom houses a restaurant for 110 guests, wine bar, cozy outdoor seating in summer, and sales of delicacies and gifts.
The wine bar and restaurant offers a wide selection of Nordic Sea Winery brands, and a menu of adequate seasonal starters, main courses and desserts created by house chefs.
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