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Since 1897, Nilsson family owned and cultivated the 85 hectares of land belonging to the estate of Gunnarshögs Gård.  In 1996, they have chosen to refine their raw material - oilseed rape.
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Today, almost 20 years later, Gunnarshögs Gård is a company runned by a fourth generation of Nilsson's,  with 14 full-time employees and 10 seasonal employees. 

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Annually, they have about 45 000 visitors in their farm café and shop. Our charming host Anja Persson is showing us the process of production, from seeds to bottle.  


At Gunnarshögs Gård, rape oil is cold-pressed on low temperature, in order to preserve the healthy ingredients from seeds.The result is a natural gold colour cooking oil, excellent for use in the preparation of both hot and cold food. Rape oil is known for the lowest quantity of saturated fatty acids among all vegetable oils.

main Gunnarshögs oil derives from winter rape grown on the farm or nearby, and therefore carefully controlled through the full production process. Gunnarshögs Gård is a good example on how a choice of healthy production can be self-sustainable. Nothing is wasted here, since all the residues are used, allowing the farm a 100% fossil-free heating system. 

shop2 At Gunnarshögs Gård they regularly show the steps of production.You can also enjoy a break in the café and shop, where they serve sandwiches and sweets based on their own products like spices, honey, marmalades, or müesli and nuts roasted in rapeseed oil.

minipress We even got a chance to press our own oil from seeds with the available mini press. We have chosen a bottle, pressed our oil and wrote our own label. Great fun!  
The shop is open the year round with extended hours in the summer.
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